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Vanilla is an exotic flavour not plain flavour!
Think about it - it’s imported from Madagascar!
Vanilla isn’t a plain flavour at all based on that logic! It’s exotic! 
Strawberries originally from France.
Chocolate came from the cacao tree of South America.
So the most exotic of the three is vanilla since it comes from an island!
And they say vanilla is a plain-jane flavour, please! 
Vanilla is my favourite of the three most common flavours! :P
I’m allergic to chocolate thus the only other flavour of the three I can have is strawberry! 
Out of the two I prefer vanilla!
And I think it’s a no brainer that I am far from being a plain person, especially with me being from Nibiru, another planet! If anything like vanilla really is - I’m as exotic as a somali cat!
Well.. even more exotic I should say given that my species isn’t native to Earth but you know what I mean people! Royal angels are a species of feline so that makes the pun above a purrfect pun~
Just finished meself a smal
:icondumuzink:Dumuzink 2 2
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..just an explanation where /when there are times
of short absence here in DA☕️
To all wonderful DA Artist and Watchers-
this just a one time info from me -
bout giving likewise gratitudes towards favings:
Everytime I released Deviations -
I'll write bit infos bout the work- if I have researched and found any- if none -then..?

But the main thing is:
I'll write already a comment in advance under the description of the features of creations -
saying a heartly gratitude to all wonderful favers of the features!
The intention is to save the time of writing each everybody (thousands!) and could concentrate more for other works.
I thank you E.L.
Short anecdote for being in DA💫
Give this day a chance🍀
A pleasure to be..
If someone could be..
As pleasant as it can be..
It holds beyond you and me..
Creations in dA it will be!
Status Quo:
Status update after almost a year,
Yup- make life lives wherever you stands or gearIn my car... 

Making holiday for example is wonderful for everyone,
In the woods for a walk or whenever you
 fly for two or oneBlinky's Plane: For Lupeth 

In the midst of fragrance flower blossoms,
Or together with lively cute opossumBobby Catmull - Icon

With Yoga- Philates and Cherry Maraschino,
Or Vanille Croissants and Latte CappuccinoIcon coffee (13)  

With water- wind and fire that spin and
make ones life longer,
As time never wait for us 
-so do one Just give her coffee  dA a day-
that makes ones :heart: rvmp heart beats strongerSpread More Love Emote - PLZ

Thank you for the nice comments and faving,
Stay fine and beautifulSoulmates
Till to our next features tradingFlowers fella (Love) CheersGlass Of Wine Emoji

I remain - E.L.:LongStemRose: 
Sand in the economic WT motoric Transmission?

So now USA has a new President!
Elected or Selected - that's the question?
But the actual matter isn't bout that
So let's talk serious. The case is more sensitive enough as it really is!

USA has a new from the American people elected President: The Republican Donald Trump.
He has really trumped winning till to the end! 
Does the winner take it all?
The 'Land of unmeasureable Opportunity!' Who still believes on it?
Or for many people, one must ask, is't the end of the so-called 'American Dream'?

After the defensive, dork-oriented and mud-wrestling of the US election,
who ask basically the questions of integrity and credibility of a new President?
What about the unperturbed optimism in the feasibility of one factor?
Or just the sober question bout pragmatism of solving problems instead of lamenting?

The US election's result of D.Trump would put probably in a huge world economic difficult situation.
Though a great innovation to every political player is also given to be distinctively more
concentrated in an endeavor and development of its own social-economic model!.
But and to what sort of world economic perpective is D. Trump up to?

The new Man in the White House was carried through majority of the House of the Reperesentative. And so would play the most  important and the key to the economic WT which  would run from a man whose in which his own private interest comes first and whose election propaganda was either desireable nor predictable before! And simply not for the economic WT principle?

One could say; the US people or Americans have embarassed theirselve to the whole world till to
their bone-marrow! Is this America- in which before has stood as the ideal of living together in a peaceful land with many different ethnic people? But is USA today a torn society between wealthy elites and awkward loser who are half time standing and tearing against each other?

A President who handles in an unprincipled ways with his political competitor would do the next step
to be scruple in certain time. Now, one must also ask, who have elected D.Trump and what sort of people are they? Was D.Trump mostly elected by those who themselve as 'loser' designated? Are they sort of discontented citizens- who are persuaded that 'life before was better than today'?

From conservative and All sort of colored people -with the especial congregations- who are pretty much with their downright premonitory contentment rather be fobbed off with complex problem!
For the next coming years, seemingly D.Trump would deal highly with priority of America's national and internal affairs which is correctly be understandable from the rest of the world?

For D.Trump economic foreign affairs should play perhaps this time the second role which dominates
the global economic strategies. So as to speak no benevolent news to some issues like the:
- economic WT- such as all those Trans Atlantic Treaties
- world finance net-market
- mission of the UN for the world peace
- multi-lateral world climate engineering and protection
- questios of WTO
- international labours divisions
- Afrikas future or the
- global migrations matter..ect?

It's a social and political questions for everyone, as well as in Europe, since it could be a risk or a chance? Eversince was the unwanted emanzipation of America's support- which is counted by many Europeans as a sort of arrogant dominance.
A peril at one side for some Europeans- for the reason of their own actual social unbalance and gigantic problems are having- for ex:
- bout the Brexit question
- south Europeans states' credits-collaps
- Ukraine crisis
- focal point between Turkey and Russia
- immense migration's wave that's connected with ambivalence of finance and asylum query..ect?
A chance on the other hand for the other political participant- then it could perhaps be an incentive to bring obviously its own new modal wave of sociatal enhancement- lest to become USA actual awful situation.

After all, the economic concentration of America more in their national affairs is a prediction for a certain unknown mending process to be work out. USA was first in the last century the avant-garde in many economical and sociatal process rather than Europe. But fell behind as it has only focus its attention in the last time to the shining matter and forgot to look at the dark part of some circumstances in order much to prevent the reoccurence of the last 'French Revolutions' cause and effect!

Nevertheless- one must not forget that ther's could be also a hope behind the veil
of unknown future?
Having one thought of that D.Trump would not rule alone- then he needs the Congress in which he has to work with together in good times and bad times like a married couple.

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